Noblegen Inc. is an advanced ingredients company dedicated to developing cost-effective, naturally-derived ingredients for the human nutrition industry. We utilize a unique platform that combines proven industrial methods with our proprietary “Facilitated Expression” technique to commercially cultivate microorganisms. This platform allows for the development of innovative ingredients. These ingredients are inspired by a clear and simple vision – to make a meaningful impact by delivering inspired biological solutions for some of the world’s greatest problems.

We are focused on the generations of tomorrow and the environmental challenges of today. We want to create an avenue for a healthier, more balanced relationship between people and planet. To do so, the large-scale cost-effective production of our ingredients is paramount for displacing existing unsustainable sources. 


Ontario Centres of Excellence. Photography by Lucia Graca Remedios


Noblegen originated out of CEO and Founder Adam Noble’s award winning research. Mr. Noble’s scientific work started as a high school science fair project and continued for several years while attention grew to how its application could positively impact the world. His groundbreaking research on a select microorganism and its novel capabilities won him several national and international awards and an invitation to accept the Dudley R. Herschbach Award at the Nobel Prize ceremonies in Stockholm, Sweden in 2012. To this day, Mr. Noble remains the highest awarded youth scientist in Canadian history.

Mr. Noble joined forces with Dr. Andressa Lacerda in 2013. Dr. Lacerda had recently completed her Bachelor’s degree in biology at Trent University, and began working with Mr. Noble during the beginning of her research as an MSc candidate. Dr. Lacerda’s strong work ethic and scientific expertise was instrumental in the company’s early research, and she is now recognized as one of Trent University’s youngest ever PhDs.

Noblegen was created in 2013 when Adam Noble and Dr. Andressa Lacerda identified a promising opportunity to apply his award-winning research to industry. In the early years, Noblegen was known for a unique water technology that applied some of Mr. Noble’s early research. Our first major milestone came in 2015 with the completion of our industrial system which was a one million times scale version of the first lab prototype. Based on this work Mr. Noble was the youngest recipient of one of Canada’s 2014 Clean50 Awards, which recognizes outstanding work in sustainable development and cleantech, and was also named one of Canada’s Top 20 under 20, which recognizes exceptional leadership, innovation and achievement in youth.

In the last four years, dedicated research and development has refined the technology and attracted attention from industry leaders. At the end of 2016, Noblegen concluded our Series A finance round, during which we raised CAD$9.5 million. 

In the last three years dedicated research and development has expanded applications for the technology to include nutrition, health and biochemicals.

Technology Platform

At the core of the Noblegen business and overall strategy is our co-product platform technology. We have developed a platform that combines our proprietary approach to production with the best proven fermentation techniques in industry. The result is a next generation technology that offers advanced outcomes while using a pragmatic and scalable design.

Our unique co-product approach involves optimizing the microorganism’s natural ability to produce multiple high value ingredients in one process with no waste stream. The foundation of our platform technology is our “facilitated expression” technique. With this technique we are able to control the characteristics of several components of our organisms without genetic manipulation. We view each of our organisms as individual cellular biofactories, capable of producing high-value compounds. This method allows us to direct how the production lines inside each of these biofactories will function in order to generate multiple outputs naturally and efficiently. We are able to direct how our microorganisms manufacture compounds at the cellular level by adjusting key parameters in the production process. These critical adjustments enhance the natural mechanisms of our microorganisms to encourage rapid growth and the efficient conversion of flexible low-value inputs into multiple high-value ingredients. Our ingredients are then processed and shipped to customers across several target markets. Our platform is an unprecedented advancement in the biotechnology sector, and is designed to outcompete existing platforms in efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

At the core of the Noble business and overall strategy is our multi-product platform technology.
We’re a groundbreaking biomaterials company, meeting the world’s need for solutions that are sustainable, efficient and cost-effective.

High-Quality, Earth-Friendly Ingredients

Utilizing a proprietary approach to microorganism cultivation, we create biomaterials and bio-chemicals with wide market applications.

Competitive Pricing

NobleGen is a unique single platform which represents a significant advancement for the biotechnology industry.

Commercial Production Facility


Products and Markets

We are currently focused on several microorganism-derived ingredients with promising applications. Our dietary ingredients offer customers cost-competitive sources of bulk macronutrients and specialty micronutrients, that are labelled simply and cleanly.

NobleGen’s three core products – protein, oils and fibre – offer food and beverage companies a unique, non-GMO source of dietary ingredients

Food and beverage

Noblegen’s two core ingredients – proteins and oils – offer food and beverage companies a unique, non-GMO source of natural ingredients that satisfy the demand of savvy, health-conscious consumers for products they can feel good about.
These core macronutrients are the key components of our customizable product blend, which is tailored to each customer based on their needs.
These products offer significant marketable advantages, both nutritionally and environmentally, over conventional plant and animal ingredient sources, which are limited in their growth efficiency and require immense resources for production.
Our microorganisms are sustainably grown and can be enjoyed by consumers across many market segments since they are also plant-based, non-allergenic, Kosher and Halal.


NobleGen’s omega oils, immune-modulating polymers, antioxidants and vitamins are derived from a sustainable source


Noblegen’s omega oils, immune-modulating polymers, antioxidants and vitamins are derived from a sustainable source and feature impressive chemical structures for optimal health benefits.
These ingredients offer nutraceutical companies the opportunity to differentiate their consumer products and to expand into growing specialty segments.


Management Team

Our management team collectively boasts several decades of senior level management, engineering, legal, financial and research experience. With diverse skills and experience, the team is well balanced and leads the company with vision and purpose.

Adam Noble

Adam Noble

CEO & Founder
Adam has demonstrated his strong vision for Noblegen by scaling up his research to an industrial level, securing millions of dollars in private investment, and attracting an impressive team of talented professionals. Adam’s research has received international acclaim, and he is currently the highest awarded youth scientist in Canadian history. Adam’s scientific curiosity and world vision are at the core of Noblegen’s founding, and are reflected in everything the company does.
Andressa Lacerda, Ph D.

Andressa Lacerda, Ph D.

Chief Development Officer & Co-founder
With her impressive management and research background, Andressa has co-authored 6 publications and is a co-inventor on 2 US patents. Andressa’s scientific expertise and leadership have shaped the creation of Noblegen’s “Facilitated Expression” technique.  Andressa is one of the youngest PhD holders at Trent University and she managed to complete her thesis while starting Noblegen with Adam.  She is instrumental in Noblegen’s operation and continues to innovate with her research team every day.

Kim Ward, CPA, CA

Chief Financial Officer
Kim is a strategic thinker, skilled at analysis, risk management and leveraging resources to maximize returns. She has over 18 years of experience as a leader in Finance and has successfully led companies through change and growth in international markets.
Ron Savoy , MBA, P. Eng.

Ron Savoy , MBA, P. Eng.

Chief Operating Officer
Ron brings over 18 years of general management experience as well as an M.B.A. and B.Sc. in Engineering. He led the design and construction of Noblegen’s Gen 1 facility, and is an expert voice on both plant operations and company management. Ron has extensive experience managing people and processes and developing strategic direction at the corporate level.


Board of Directors

Adam Noble, Chair

Adam Noble is the CEO and founder of Noblegen.


Antonio Lacerda, MBA, Ag Eng – Board Advisor

Mr Lacerda is the Sr Vice President for South America of BASF’s Chemical Division. Mr Lacerda has more than 10 years experience in leadership positions at BASF with a vast background from human and animal nutrition to chemicals. Prior to joining BASF, Mr Lacerda was part of Monsanto’s Commercial and Marketing Department, Norwegian company Norske Skog.


David Abramson, Board Member

Mr. Abramson is currently a Principal in SDA Ventures LLC, a consulting firm that advises emerging growth, middle-market companies and multi national companies primarily in the health and wellness, nutritional products, food ingredients and food service on matters including corporate development, business acquisition, customer relationships, growth strategies and corporate finance.  From 2003 to 2011, Mr. Abramson worked at Martek Biosciences Corporation (NASDAQ: MATK), serving as President of the Company beginning in 2006.   During Mr. Abramson’s tenure, market penetration grew to 99.5% in its core U.S. infant formula business.


Robert Gillison, Board member

Mr. Gillison brings to Noblegen experience in the food and beverage industry. He served as the Vice President of Corporate Development for Martek Biosciences Corporation (NASDAQ:  MATK) for six years.  Mr. Gillison played a key role in transitioning Martek’s business from an R & D company to a fully integrated, profitable, commercial organization with over $470 million in annual sales. Prior to joining Martek, Mr. Gillison was the Senior Vice President and Treasurer for U.S. Foodservice (1997-2006).  In this position Mr. Gillison raised more than $3 billion in capital in the form of syndicated bank loans, asset securitizations, equipment leasing and equity offerings to support the growth and acquisition activity at the company.


Kate Ramsay, Board Member


Gwyn Morgan, Board Member

Gwyn Morgan was founding CEO of EnCana Corp.; Canada’s largest energy company.  EnCana was Canada’s most valuable company with a stock market value of approximately $60-billion when Gwyn stepped down in 2005. Gwyn has been inducted as a Member of The Order of Canada. He has served on the board of directors of five global corporations. He serves as a trustee of the Fraser Institute, the Manning Centre for Building Democracy and the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education.


John Desbiens, Board Member

John Desbiens is the President & CEO of Cambium Environmental, a professional engineering and consulting firm established since 2006, and holds leadership positions in several community organizations. His strong technical, communication, and organizational skills, and his specific experience in drinking water systems, water quality, and water quantity, make him an invaluable asset to Noblegen.

With diverse backgrounds in finance, business development, engineering and research, our BOD plays a critical role in the leadership of the company.

Ontario Centres of Excellence. Photography by Lucia Graca Remedios



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Adam Noble, CEO and Founder, Noblegen; Leo Groake, President, Trent University; Daryl Bennet, Mayor of Peterborough, ON

Right to Left: Adam Noble, CEO and Founder, Noblegen; Leo Groake, President, Trent University; Daryl Bennet, Mayor of Peterborough, ON



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